I am thrilled to join my esteemed colleagues from last century and beyond. All the photographers in this list, from Palestinian photographer Abbud (1893-1955) who broke from the European photographic style and tradition perpetuated by the all-male body of photographers she grew up with, wanting to show Palestine as it was, destroying the European spread of misconceptions regarding real Palestinian life. Each year, Hundred Heroines reveals photographers with tenacity, passion, and great creativity…who have innovated how we see and narrate our world. This list carries some of my personal heroines, some living, some still alive only in the dog-eared books of my photo library. It’s all part of a great thread of hunger to speak, to share, to understand. Am truly honored. I raise a glass to renegades past, present, and future.

Tanya Habjouqa5 December, 2020

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