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Hundred Heroines is the only UK charity dedicated to promoting women in photography.

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Trilogy of Flags

Trilogy of Flags

Within three new flags for Unoriginal Sin, ORLAN experiments with a hybrid aesthetic which encompasses photography and digital art....


Enez Nathié Reviews Poulomi Basu’s book Centralia, which has been shortlisted for the upcoming 2021 Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize....

Work Show Grow

Work Show Grow

Heroine Natasha Caruana is known in the industry for her dedication to teaching and mentorship. She brings much-needed positivity and transparency to what it means to be a working artist today....

On Film Festival

Dancing on Thin Ice

Heroine Lisl Ponger explores the eurocentricity of museum collections in new installation, on show at Das Weisse Haus, Vienna until July 3 2021....

young grandmother © Deana Lawson Centropy


Contemporary Heroine and The Hugo Boss Prize 2020 winner Deana Lawson is on display at the Guggenheim until October 11, 2021....

Portrait of Elisabeth Meyer by Ernest Rude. Courtesy of Preus Museum

Elisabeth Meyer

Elisabeth Meyer (1899 – 1968) was an early Norwegian photojournalist of the 1920s and 30s who documented her daring trips to Iran and India, as well as the local Sami people of Finnmark in her native Norway....

Alix Marie, Héraclès 1, 2018. Postures and Posers

Postures & Posers

Postures & Posers, which brings together Contemporary Heroines Yushi Li and Alix Marie, opens to the public at FILET Gallery in London from the 15th- 30th May 2021...

Yushi Li, The Feast, inside, 2020. Postures and Posers.

Flipping the Gaze

Heroines Yushi Li and Alix Marie’s works will be presented side-by-side at the upcoming exhibition, Postures & Posers, by Hi-Noon. Interview with Postures & Posers curator, Brenna Horrox, on display at FILET in London from 15th- 30th...

Come Away Anita Khemka Shared Solitude

Shared Solitude

On 24th March 2020, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a national lockdown in the country for 21 days in an effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.  With just four hours’ notice, Mr Modi announced that no one could leave...

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june, 2021

HEROINE "A woman distinguished and venerated for her extraordinary courage, fortitude, or noble qualities.”

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary