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Ingeborg Strobl

Ingeborg Strobl

Austrian visual artist and photographer who focused primarily on conceptual art as a form of narrative expression....

On Film Festival

On Film Festival

In the latest episode of our podcast series, "Voices", Heroine Lisl Ponger, curator of our weekly Online Film Festival, talks about how her way of working and living has changed in 2020, as well as her favourite programmes from the festival....

LaToya Ruby Frazier

The Last Cruze

In a series between photographer and community, LaToya Ruby Frazier explores the fallout of a factory’s closure in her series ‘The Last Cruze’....

Indrė Šerpytytė Installation

Humanity and Hope

The latest in our VOICES series, Indrė Šerpytytė discusses her installation for 'Refugees: Forced to Flee' at the IWM...

Ruth Bernhard 'Lifesavers'

Ruth Bernhard

German photographer Ruth Bernhard studied at the Berlin Academy of Art. In 1927, she relocated to New York to begin a career in commercial photography....

Jo Spence


Reproduction of Jo Spence's BA thesis. Written in 1982, this landmark thesis aimed to untangle interconnected gender and class oppressions in historic fairy tales....

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The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary