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Colour photograph showing sunlight filtering through leaves which hang over an open road.ExhibitionFeaturedFront Page
30th November 2022

Rinko Kawauchi retrospective on view in Switzerland

Rinko Kawauchi's third retrospective exhibition, hosted by Switzerland's Christopher Guye Galerie, explores the pathos of nature.
Black and white photograph. Silhouettes of people standing behind the gate of a concentration camp, Buchenwald.ExhibitionFeaturedFront PageHistorical Heroines
28th November 2022

Discovering Lee Miller: Part Two

In part two of our interview with Ami Bouhassane, we find out about Lee's pioneering war correspondence and later work.
Brief NewsFeaturedFront PageListicle
25th November 2022

16 Days of Activism 2022

Day 12: Franki Raffles. 25th November is the international day for the elimination of violence against women and marks the start of 16 days of activism.
Bad Color Combos installation image: three works by Yto Barrada (triangles of fabric arranged in rays) are hanging on a yellow wall.ExhibitionFeaturedFront Page
24th November 2022

Bad Color Combos: Yto Barrada exhibits in the Netherlands

Bad Color Combos presents a selection of Yto's work exploring education, the passage of time, and futile attempts to control nature.
Peers of The Realm © Karen Knorr 2015FeatExFeaturedFront PageNoticeboard
24th November 2022

Affordable prints at Centre for British Photography

The new Centre for British Photography is selling prints to raise funds.  This is a great opportunity to acquire works by leadings women photographers, including nine of the Heroines.
Sepia-toned photograph of a woman in a chequered jacket and soft hat, tilted slightly. A pink square, comprised of four thin lines, occupies the background.ExhibitionFeaturedFront PageHistorical Heroines
22nd November 2022

Discovering Lee Miller: Part One

In part one of our interview with Ami Bouhassane, we find out about Lee Miller's early career and the history of the Lee Miller Archives.

Better than Netflix: An overdue voyage of discovery for any art photography aficionado. (ArtMag, Deutsche Bank)

Mohini Chandra

The Heroines

We champion women-told stories within visual arts and our Heroines are at the heart of our organisation. Explore the 200 leading names in photography and be inspired.


Image: Mirror from Kikau Street © Mohini Chandra
Esther Bubley Anemoia Symposium

Heroines Past

Explore our online archives and research resources to find out more about the pioneers of photography. As part of our mission, we celebrate the women photographers who came before.

Image: Courtesy of Jean Bubley and the Esther Bubley Archive.


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Image : Museum of Gloucester Brunswick Road GL1 © Kurt Schroeder

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