The Flâneuse The Flâneuse Week 47 : Now Showing VISIT OUR ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL Mariana Yamposlky Mariana Yampolsky Payaso de Tlaxcala (Tlaxcala Clown), 1994 Mariana Yampolsky Mexican photographer View Post ANEMOIA ANEMOIA A nostalgia for a time I never knew VISIT OUR EXHIBITION The flyer of Anemoia: A Nostalgia for a Time I never Knew. With Esther Bubley's image of two black men in suits sat on a bench at the bus station Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman dressed as man and woman in fur coats, in front of snow topped trees in a blue hue playing on Identity, Androgyny and masculinity. Cindy Sherman At the Metro Pictures Gallery View here Pixy Liao New Wife, Old House New Wife, Old House Pixy Liao View here Wendy Red Star Part of Wendy Red Star's installation she is decolonizing the image with black and white images of Native Americans in rows above festive American banners of red, white and blue Wendy Red Star Decolonising the Image View Post Fatima Bucak Stories No Longer Untold: Fall, 2013, From the series Four Ages of Woman. Still image. Video by Fatma Bucak. A naked white woman is seen in the distance against a red dry, sandy terrain with large red boulders, she has long ginger hair and is holding an arm up. Fatma Bucak Stories No Longer Untold View Post Ruth Bernhard White Stoops, NYC, 1952 Ruth Orkin © Mary Engel & Ruth Orkin American Photographer View Post

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The universal acknowledgement of photographic heroines past, present and future. Our mission is to achieve this.

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Tanya Habjouqa

The “Holy Land”?

Jordanian photographer Tanya Habjouqa utilises documentary photography as a tool to re-tell popular narratives of Israel-Palestine that are perpetuated by international politics and the Western Media...

Dalda 13

A portrait of Homain Vyarawalla - India's first woman photojournalist - by Monika Baker....

Ancient Future: Farah Al Qasimi, Miracle Garden, Archival inkjet print, 69 x 86 cm

Ancient Future

Ancient Future by Third Line features the work of 13 visual artists including Heroines Zineb Sedira and Farah Al Qasimi, open until March 2021...

Black and white portrait of photographer Berenice Abbott standing next to a large camera.

Be a 21st Century Flâneur

ACTIVITY: Throughout lockdown, one of the things we’ve been able to do is go for a walk once a day. Depending on the time you choose, you can discover a rare luxury of emptiness in the city....

Magali & Phoenix, from Land of Dreams series , 2019 © Shirin Neshat

Land of Dreams

Land of Dreams is the latest stunning oeuvre by the Iranian-born, internationally acclaimed, conceptual visual artist and heroine Shirin Neshat...

Interview image: From the exhibition A Pciture of Health, Heather Agyepong is dressed in a white dress holding hands with someone behind the camera, the image is sepia toned.

Here. I. Am.

Hundred Heroines (virtually) sits down with mix-media artist Heather Agyepong to discuss her photographs, agency and mental health...

Mariana Yampolsky Payaso de Tlaxcala (Tlaxcala Clown), 1994

Mariana Yampolsky

Mariana Yampolsky is one of Mexico’s most influential and talented photographers. She created art is versatile and multifaceted...

Installation view of The Art of Trees featuring works by Yan Wang Preston, Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, January 22–April 11, 2021. Image courtesy of the Gund Gallery.

The Art of Trees

Featuring 14 global artists, including Yan Wang Preston, The Art of Trees explores themes of restoration and destruction...

As part of the Autoritratto exhibition by Luisa Lambri, an image of a tree on the other side of a window with venetian blinds


Luisa Lambri is known for her delicate studies of architecture, her first large-scale solo exhibition, Autoritratto shows almost two decades of her work...

Creator of When We Gather, photographer María Magdalena Campos-Pons standing dressed in white with white hat holding a knotted blue fabric.

When We Gather

María Magdalena Campos-Pons's When We Gather pays homage to women who have been instrumental in bringing about change in the United States...

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HEROINE "A woman distinguished and venerated for her extraordinary courage, fortitude, or noble qualities.”

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary