The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all in some shape or form, and as a small organisation, we don’t have substantial resources to support those whose lives and livelihoods are under threat.  But, as Angela Merkel once said: “A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.”  Here is our contribution, albeit a small one.  We’ve teamed up with our chums at Northern Narratives to collate useful information being shared on other platforms.  If you’re looking for support or something to do during self-isolation or simply something uplifting, these sites may help.

We’ll be updating the lists daily and if you have any suggestions, do get in touch hello@hundredheroines.org.

Assistance & Support

Nourish the Mind

Nourish the Soul


We have a vision: the universal acknowledgment of photographic heroines past, present and future. Our mission is to achieve this.

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HEROINE “A woman distinguished and venerated for her extraordinary courage, fortitude, or noble qualities.”
The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary