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As part of our overall mission of promoting women in photography we review current and upcoming books from our Heroines! Never miss a thing and sign up to our Newsletter!

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24th December

Another must-have for every library is Katy Hessel’s The Story of Art without Men. Most libraries have a request form, why not ask your local library to acquire a copy for its shelves?...

5th December 2022

Nearly 200 years of photographic history as seen and told by women.  300 photographers from around the world, this book is definitely one to include in the letter to Santa. Includes many of the names we love and many that we'd never...

Black and white photograph of a merkin.

On Rape: Laia Abril

Laia Abril's latest monograph, 'On Rape', attempts to understand the gender stereotypes and social structures which perpetuate rape culture....

Dayanita Singh – Let’s See

In Dayanita Singh’s latest photo-novel, Let’s See (pub. Steidl, 26th May 2022), she revisits the earliest years of her archive – looking back at the images she created when she did not yet consider herself a photographer....

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