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Art For The Ladylike

Hundred Heroines reviews Art For The Ladylike: An Autobiography through Other Lives. In Art For The Ladylike (2021), Whitney Otto merges biography and memoir to generate a poetic and contemplative account of the women artists who have...

NADIE, DICCIONARIO DE BOLSILLO ESPAÑOL-INGLÉS series © Mari Mahr. Courtesy of the artist and Boécho Gallery

Words, Words, Words

Whimsical, tender, elegant; it is difficult to summarise the work of the extraordinary photographer and Contemporary Heroine Mari Mahr in a few words...

Soulèvements Noémie Goudal


A new book, Soulèvements, from Contemporary Heroine Noémie Goudal continues her series of works exploring our desire to explain the physical world...

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