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Heroinic Stories

These impactful stories are what makes a women photographer a Heroine! Whether that’s shining a light on injustices or starting important discussions around societal norms. Never miss a thing and sign up to our Newsletter!

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Colour photograph. A young girl in a yellow sari is holding a notebook. She is standing in front of a painting of a flower garden.

In Conversation with Nandini Valli Muthiah

In our interview with Nandini Valli Muthiah, we discuss her artistic practice and the influence of culture and religion on her work.
Colour photograph. A central figure is covered by a red and blue sheet, two white lights shining resembling eyes.

In Conversation with Cristina de Middel: Part Two

In our interview with Cristina de Middel, we discuss her artistic practice and how she perceives the role of photography in the modern world.
Colour photograph. A person lies naked in their back, their face and the body (as well as the background) covered in plastic flies and insects. We see their head and shoulders only; their eyes are closed.

In Conversation with Cristina de Middel: Part One

In our interview with Cristina de Middel, we discuss her artistic practice and how she perceives the role of photography in the modern world.
Picturing Punks: Linda in the Green Garden 2011 from the series Pictures of Linda @ Anna Fox & Linda Lunus, courtesy James Hyman Gallery, London.

Punks, Power and Representation of Women

Interview: Anna Fox discusses the representation of women, the relationship with muse Linda Lunus, and life during lockdown
They Said We Are Their Slaves @ Smita Sharma

Choosing to Challenge Representation of Survivors of Abuse

As part of International Women's Day 2021, Hundred Heroines looks at photographer Smita Sharma's work with survivors of abuse
Tanya Habjouqa

The “Holy Land”?

Jordanian photographer Tanya Habjouqa utilises documentary photography as a tool to re-tell popular narratives of Israel-Palestine that are perpetuated by international politics and the Western Media
Until You Change

Until You Change

In Ecuador approximately 200 facilities exist to ‘cure’ homosexual men, women and transsexuals. Unfortunately, the majority of these centers remain open because they are disguised as Treatment facilities for alcoholics and drug addicts.
Image showing the silhouettes of a line of people, a tree and a lamppost. The scene is overlaid with a red hue.

An Odyssey Along The Yangtze

Yan Wang Preston highlighting photography as a new approach to mapping.

Breaking Boundaries

The latest in our tête-à-tête interview series: Azerbaijani Photographer Rena Effendi in conversation with Elise Morton.
Lucha Libre Fighters

The Lucha Libre Fighters

Lourdes Grobet shows an unseen side of Mexican culture
Lesson in Modern Intimacy Pixy Liao

A Lesson in Modern Intimacy

CHARLOTTE IRWIN explores how Pixy Liao visually represents her relationship with her boyfriend.
Just Beyond the River

Daesha Devón Harris

Daesha Devón Harris is a Saratoga Springs, NY native, artist and photographer who plays an active role in her community as a youth advocate, social activist and cultural history preservationist.