We have a variety of exhibitions and installations on display, reflecting a mix of historical and contemporary work, as well as photographs made by workshop participants and visitors, alongside objects from The Collection.  The current programme runs until the end of May 2023.  Bookmark this page for details of what’s up next!

Current Exhibitions


Head and shoulders portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, facing the viewer, her torso in left side profile. She wears a black taffeta evening dress with the South Africa Necklace that was a 21st birthday gift from the Government of the Union of South Africa. It was later shortened to fifteen large stones, as shown here, and the remaining diamonds made into a bracelet.

Dorothy Wilding – Gloucester Archive

Gloucester: On the first anniversary of the late Queen's death, we are launching the Dorothy Wilding Gloucester Archive with an installation that commemorates Dorothy's relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, curated by collector Sarah Grant.

Divine Power

We're thrilled to be bringing more outstanding photography to Gloucester with our next exhibition - Divine Power, which explores our fascination with deity and myth.

Menopause Exhibition

Exhibition by Ally Goff. Based on my own experience of “the change” this selection of photographs documents this story, told through memories and the re-enactment of symptoms, emotional experiences and traumas encountered throughout my menopausal journey.

Cutting Through Barriers

Exhibition: Photography & more from Girls Allied. A small exhibition displaying the artwork from our Girls Allied July programme.  Cutting Through Barriers shows what it means to be a teenage girl in these ongoing times of uncertainty.

Permanent Displays

Anti-Violence Display

Books and pictures from women artists highlighting violence against women through their work.

Astro 2030

Installation by Monica Alcazar-Duarte


Art, activism, photography and protest

Exhibition Archive


Creative Journey with GWR

Exhibition: Bootcampers’ creative journey of discovery. The GWR Creative Bootcamp journey started in 2022. The first phase included theory sessions on art, activism and identity. The second phase comprised a series of practical sessions on portraiture, gallery visits around London and Oxford to see exhibitions on portrait photography, and intensive workshops with…

Dorothy Wilding Exhibition

Dorothy's Coming Home! New exhibition featuring the work of Dorothy Wilding - Gloucester's pioneering photographer

Paola Paredes Exhibition, Skin Deep

Join us to unpeel Skin Deep - an interactive photographic experience presenting eight stories that represent the diverse sexualities and gender identities of the queer community in Ecuador.

Anita Khemka Exhibition, Laxmi

From Anita's ongoing photographic documentary series of Laxmi, one of India's leading third gender (hijra) and transgender rights activist

Photography & Protest

Bootcamp exhibition and an exploration of how women have historically used photography as a form of protest

Exhibition: Glossy

A participatory photography exhibition curated by Georgia Williams