Help us to raise awareness of ground-breaking female photographers globally, amplify their voices and inspire the creative pioneers of the future.

Where does your money go?

  • To making strides towards becoming the primary resource for those seeking information about women in photography.
  • To creating learning resources to inspire all ages to view the world with a creative lens.
  • To our Bootcamp Initiative, where people can sign up to learn skills such as researching, writing and digital content in a creative community.
  • To promoting our Heroines and shining a light the contributions women have made to the visual arts.

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HUNDRED HEROINES is the only UK charity focussed on Women in Photography.

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Other Ways to Support Us

Support our Hundred Heroines Collection

At the end of 2021, we started collecting objects and prints for the Heroines Collection.  Each object relates to an artist’s practice in some way, and the stories attaching to the objects provide a unique insight into the work of the Heroines.


Like all charities, Hundred Heroines can only survive with the support of volunteers. From writing content for our site to being our biggest advocates, find out how you can become an essential part of Hundred Heroines.

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Thank you for donating to Hundred Heroines.  We respect your privacy and will only add your name to the Friendship Wall with your permission. If you have donated and you’d like to see your name here then please get in touch