Help us to raise awareness of ground-breaking female photographers globally, amplify their voices and inspire the creative pioneers of the future.

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  • To making strides towards becoming the primary resource for those seeking information about women in photography.
  • To creating learning resources to inspire all ages to view the world with a creative lens.
  • To our Bootcamp Initiative, where women can sign up to learn skills such as researching, writing (essay, copy, profile) and digital content creation.
  • To promoting our Heroines and shining a light the contributions women have made to the visual arts.

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HUNDRED HEROINES is the only UK charity focussed on Women in Photography.

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Vestalia Chilton of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week
Shirlie Spence-Griffiths
Deborah King
Darcie Gorman in honor of photographer Chris Sutton
Tiger Brice
Megan Ringrose
Stephen Black
Susie Brice
Elizabeth Hay Brown
Helen Marshall
Wendy Aldiss
Rhys Jones
Barbara Brice
Craig Preston
Madeline Walsh
Michael Magee
Nigel Walker
Madeline Yale Preston
Denise Felkin
Nicola Morley
Del Barrett