“A woman distinguished and venerated for her extraordinary courage, fortitude, or noble qualities.”

Karimeh Abbud

Palestinian photographer, born in Bethlehem, later moved to Jerusalem, and died in Nazareth.She was unknown to historians or photographers, until 2007....

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In 2018, to celebrate a centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK, I spearheaded the Hundred Heroines campaign, while Vice President of the Royal Photographic Society.  The initiative increased public awareness of the contribution that women in photography have made and continue to make globally to the medium and to society.  We can now build on its international success to ensure that women’s voices continue to be heard.

I am therefore delighted to announce Hundred+ Heroines – a new, broader, global platform to enable the spirit of Hundred Heroines to continue to flourish.

Through their work, heroines worldwide are using photography to change perceptions of women by highlighting inequalities, pushing boundaries, tackling taboo subjects, examining difficult social issues and challenging norms.  Our evolving movement will advance public appreciation of the heroines’ work, will help harness the heroinic voices to bring about positive change and nurture new talent to highlight the heroines of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for further details …

Del Barrett, Founder

©Jillian Edelstein