Online Film Festival

Silhouetted Shadowed and Sketched Motion Pictures Liberating the Mind The Ambassadors Pandora's Box Hair Stories Heroines #BlackLivesMatter On Racism Struggling to Safety Poetry Grain and Pixels Rosie and her Sisters Everything Looks Good on You The Isolation Experiment The Butterfly Thief It's the Message Not the Notes What We With to Pass On Enough is Enough UK- OK? Feathers and Blankets Inked Hurricanes Ships and Craters on the Moon Celebrating With Friends Still Celebrating Every Moment is Decisive Underwater Women Experimental Houses and Blouses Ms Robot Upside Down World This Is Me I am Beatable Health Drugs and Rock N' Roll Buttons Books and Dorodangos Reality Check Sandwiched Let's Dance Teacups Elephants and White Gloves Underrepresented CIRCUS! CIRCUS! Out of the Box Through Rose-Tinted Glasses? Warriors Dreamers Educators CarnivalThe Flâneuse 365 Soundings Weird and Wonderful Mixed Bag Mixed Bag 2

A weekly programme of films made by, or about, women – Curated by Lisl Ponger

At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we enlisted the help of Heroine Lisl Ponger to fend off the boredom.

We have had the honour of a weekly online film festival for 52 weeks during 2020/21. We travelled the world, visited many cultures and heard many stories.

We explored themes of race in #BlackLivesMatter, climate change and the pandemic in The Butterfly Thief and gender-based violence in I Am Unbeatable. We saw what hair meant to different cultures in Hair Stories, women’s roles under the big top in Circus! Circus! and performing mermaids in Underwater Women. Our weekly film festival gave us the opportunity to explore beyond our bubbles.

Tour the full 52 week programme below…

Film Festival Library

* being open source or obtained from a permitted uploader to either YouTube or Vimeo