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Film Festival

Hair Stories

By 28th May 2020No Comments


An iconic excerpt from the 1979 film Hair introduces the content of this programme. Different Hair Stories will be told, a subject on many people’s mind at home in quarantine.

Seven young women talk about how identity is expressed through their hairstyles followed by the sacred traditional hair culture of Yao women, an ethnic Chinese minority in Huangluo.

The singer songwriter Mona Haydar raps about wrapping the hijab before a short on coloured hair flashes being glued to women’s heads in 1955. Jewish orthodox Zelda Volkov is pushing the boundaries of the Sheitl tradition in her wig store in New York and Lexy Lebsack, a senior beauty editor, follows the hair trail all the way to Vietnam.

Should the lockdown in Britain be loosened even more you might encounter a present day travelling beautician to do your hair in front of your house perhaps with a functioning salon hair dryer?

* being open source or obtained from a permitted uploader to either YouTube or Vimeo