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Art For the Lady Like Hundred Heroines FRONTCOVER_otto_rgb_lowres

Art For The Ladylike

By Featured, Front Page

Hundred Heroines reviews Art For The Ladylike: An Autobiography through Other Lives. In Art For The Ladylike (2021), Whitney Otto merges biography and memoir to generate a poetic and contemplative account of the women artists who have influenced her. Whitney has written five other books, including The New York Times best-seller How to Make an American Quilt (1991).

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Mixed Bag 2

By Film Festival

Week 52, Mixed Bag 2 : For the final celebration there is another selection from my list of films that has grown over the last 52 weeks: art films, documentaries, short narrations, music videos. It’s also a programme where you have to rely on listening as well as on the impact of the visual images especially if you don’t speak Spanish or Italian.

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Mixed Bag

By Film Festival

Week 51, Mixed Bag : It’s getting on for a year of programming so weeks 51 and 52 will consist of a potpourri of films that either didn’t fit into a programme or films that I would have shown had I found them in time.

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