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By 24th December 2020No Comments

Week 38: Notes

A programme that begins and ends with the making of a sandwich seems not only an apt way to bookend a programme about food, but perhaps also serves as a comment on our present way of life: sandwiched between the inside and outside, between lockdown and social distancing, between housework, home office or schooling of children among many other things.

There is virtual food, real and fake food. Anna Zhilyaeva, (aka Anna Dream Brush) a French / Russian immersive artist, paints virtual oranges and kiwis, followed by children tasting real but exotic fruit and food designer Zoe Hegedus, who isbased in N.Y., talking about her work for the Swedish film, Midsommar. Eating and music go together well: Calypso Rose, Tobago born “mother of calypso”, interprets a song by US-American singer and jazz pianist, Nat King Cole while in a Luanda backyard the Angolan dance troupe Fenómenos do Semba, dances Jerusalema. Then a song written by Johannesburg-based musician Master KG. Paola Abraini talks about the 200 year-old tradition of making su filindeu or ‘God’s yarns’, a rare pasta from Sardinia. Reports of how Chinese guang-bing helped to win a war 500 years ago and why ramen is sought after as means to barter in US-American prisons is followed by Julianna Villarosa, Texas-born filmmaker, activist and educator, showing the connection  between Coca Cola consumption and water shortage in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.
“I ain’t gonna be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama”, sings US-American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer and producer Jennifer Lopez. So it might have to be only a sandwich after all, made and presented by London based, Canadian visual artist, Victoria Sin…

Enjoy your holidays.

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