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Film Festival

Advent Calendar 2022

13th December

At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we enlisted the help of Heroine Lisl Ponger to fend off the boredom. We have had the honour of a weekly online film festival for 52 weeks during 2020/21. We travelled the world, visited many cultures and heard many stories.
13th December 2022
FlâneuseFilm Festival

The Flâneuse

Week 47, The Flâneuse : Originally the image of strolling or sauntering was ascribed to an affluent male, a literary gentleman from 19th-century France who moved unobserved, through the streets but was always observing.
23rd February 2021
I Am Unbeatable Film FestivalAnti-Violence ProjectsFilm Festival


Week 34, I am Unbeatable, This programme is about violence against women – violence against minority groups, domestic violence, human trafficking, child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and femicide. The problem knows no geographical borders, race or class boundaries, it is embedded in the power structure and inequalities of patriarchal society.
26th November 2020