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Film Festival

Silhouetted, Shadowed and Sketched

By 23rd April 2020May 7th, 2020No Comments


This programme deals with works by artists and filmmakers that animate paintings, graphic novels, drawings and shadows.

Again we travel through different times and countries visiting Florence Miailhe’s studio in France and listening to Iranian artist Marjane Satrapi talk about her animated graphic novel Persepolis. The Austrian artist Nana Swiczinsky‘s nightmarish Re-Petition  meets an army of crippled war veterans brought to life by Israeli artist Yael Bartana . The figure stems from the drawing Kriegskrüppel (1920) by German painter Otto Dix, considered a degenerate artist by the Nazis. Around the same time, the master of silhouette animation, German Lotte Reiniger was working on her cut out figures. She owed a lot to the ancient art of Chinese shadow puppetry which Annie Katsura Rollins is exploring  and animated shadows were taken up as a comment by Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei. Florence Miailhe concludes the programme with the wonderful feeling of a Sunday in August, hopefully soon again…

* being open source or obtained from a permitted uploader to either YouTube or Vimeo