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Film Festival

Everything Looks Good On You

By 16th July 2020No Comments


Designers, models and other fashion conscious people populate this programme.

Here is Vivienne Westwood, British icon of fashion design whose socio-political beliefs are reflected in her creations.  ‘Fashion can be more than just clothes’ she says. This is echoed in Kristina’s rainbow outfit that helped her overcome her severe depression. ‘Matchi machti’ is how couples express their relationship through clothes in South Korea where public displays of affection are not acceptable. Simone Rocha, an Irish fashion designer who created a whole collection inspired by her grandmother, looks at how older women dress in Hong Kong. High fashion models talk of being considered too old for their profession at 25 and about racist and abusive behaviour they encounter while RuPaul Andre Charles, an US-American drag queen, model, singer and songwriter, gives ironic insight into what it means to work in the fashion world. A dressed-up music festival audience is asked about cultural appropriation and Jenni Avins, a Los Angeles-based journalist, reports on a high-end collection inspired by an Amazonian Tribe where the latter participates on an equal basis. The programme closes with German artist Ida-Marie Corell’s lament on fake material while wearing her blue plastic dream robe …

* being open source or obtained from a permitted uploader to either YouTube or Vimeo