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Paola Paredes Anita Khemka The Heroines Collection Coffee & Conversation The Creative Canvas

ExhibitionForthcoming Event
22nd September 2022

Paola Paredes Exhibition, Skin Deep

Join us to unpeel Skin Deep - an interactive photographic experience presenting eight stories that represent the diverse sexualities and gender identities of the queer community in Ecuador.
ExhibitionForthcoming Event
22nd September 2022

Anita Khemka Exhibition, Laxmi

From Anita's ongoing photographic documentary series of Laxmi, one of India's leading third gender (hijra) and transgender rights activist
Forthcoming EventMuseum
22nd September 2022

The Heroines Collection

From a birdcage salvaged from a skip to antique silk pyjamas, every item is imbued with meaning. The array of riches, both humble and profound, recount the stories of some of today’s most significant artworks. The Collection is an unusual way to learn more about the work of today’s outstanding women artists.
ExhibitionForthcoming Event
22nd September 2022

The Creative Canvas

Get involved! Respond to the artistic instructions around the festival and post your work on the Creative Canvas.
ActivityForthcoming Event
22nd September 2022

Coffee & Conversation

Join us over the next few weeks to help create the conversation and contribute to our future programming.
Forthcoming Event
22nd September 2022

Join a Project

We are running several projects and are looking for people to get involved! Join us and register for Glostorama and 100x100 and join a growing community of Photographers!


Virtual Galleries

Alongside many of our events we also host online exhibitions. Wander around our many galleries and absorb world-class photography from the comfort of your own home!

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Image: By Berg & Høeg. Courtesy of Preus Museum.

Watch & Listen

If you’ve missed any events, have no fear as we try to record as many of our talks and panels as possible. Head to our library of videos or tune into our VOICES podcast to learn more about your favourite Heroines.

Image: © Etinosa Yvonne