Zohra Opoku

Zohra Opokuis a Ghanaian-German multidisciplinary artist based in AccraShe has an MA in Fashion from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and worked with Danish designer Henrick Vibskov before fully focusing on art. 

Zohra uses multiple mediums including installation, performance, sculpture, video and photography to examine the political, historical, cultural, and socio-economic influences in the formation of individual and societal identities. Her photography is expressed through screen-printing and alternative photo processing on varieties of natural fabrics. 

Unraveled Threads (2017) explores what it means to grow up in the West, and later, confront a set of ideas about blackness, Africa, and belonging as both an artist and a woman.  

Exhibited internationally, Zohra has shown work in association with Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Chicago) around the world including at the Nubuke Foundation (Accra), Centre for Contemporary Art (Lagos), Kauru African Contemporary Art (Johannesburg), Commune.1 (Cape Town), Kunsthaus Hamburg (Hamburg), Iwalewahaus (Bayreuth), Musée de l ́Ethnographie (Bordeaux), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Kunsthal (Rotterdam), Broad Art Museum (Michigan State University), Museum for Photography (Chicago).  Her recent residencies include Institute Sacatar Salvador da Bahia (Brazil), Art Dubai Residents (United Arab Emirates), and Black Rock Senegal. 

Photography & Textiles

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Zohra Opoku

Ghanaian photographer Zohra Opoku explores ploitical and cultural themes that are rooted in her personal identity and heritage....

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