Alinka Echeverria

Alinka Echeverría is a Mexican-British artist and visual anthropologist working with multiple media forms. Incorporating 3D renderings, ceramics, film, and installation, among others, Alinka interrogates visual representation via a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach. Her anthropological background is immediately prevalent; Alinka graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master’s in Social Anthropology and Development in 2004, and her work is consistently heightened by her academic research.

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In 2017, Alinka was selected for FOAM Museum’s Talent award for Nicephora, a research project she started during BMW’s Art & Culture Residency in 2015. Combining archival research, collages and a Greek amphore, Nicephora – a name that feminises Nicéphore Niépce, the French inventor of photography – re-examines the history of the medium from a feminist, postcolonial perspective. Fieldnotes for Nicephora, a sculptural ‘leporello’ (a type of folded leaflet) of collages included in the project, highlights the early influence of the colonial gaze on photographic techniques, traces of which – as Alinka demonstrates – echo across time. In Precession of the Feminine  Alinka innovatively fuses photography and ceramics, rendering metaphor physically tangible. Atomising the politics and practices of vision, the project dismantles the implicit hierarchies of photography’s legacy.

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