Etinosa Yvonne

Etinosa Yvonne (b. 1989) is a documentary photographer and visual artist born and brought up in Nigeria.  She works with various art forms including photos and videos. Etinosa leverages on the power of storytelling to create awareness, educate, inform, question as well as express herself.  She “considers photography to be a medium of expression and a tool to drive social change”.

Etinosa currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria.


GLOUCESTER EXHIBITION: MALEVOLENCE - challenging society's attitudes to gender-based violence and continuing the campaign for its elimination....


MALEVOLENCE aims to raise greater awareness of gender-based violence and contribute to campaigning for its elimination. Here are some organisations and contacts who may offer help if you're affected by any of these issues...

FORMAT21 Hajara Abubakar by Etinosa Yvonne FORMAT21

FORMAT21: Etinosa Yvonne

Featuring images and short clips from her It's All in My Head series, Etinosa Yvonne opens the dialogue about mental health after conflict at FORMAT21....

FORMAT21 Exhibition


FORMAT festival is back for another year featuring virtual galleries and talks from Heroines....

Etinosa Yvonne

Etinosa Yvonne uses photography and video to bring awareness to social issues . Find out more about her recent projects here...

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