Lourdes Grobet

Lourdes Grobet (b.1940, Mexico)  is a Mexican photographer most known for her work documenting the vibrant lives of lucha libre fighters both in and out of the ring. Lucha libre meaning “freestyle wrestling” is a distinctly Mexican sport characterised by its theatricality, spectacularly attired masked performers and dramatic choreography. As competitors of a sport rooted in physical strength and aggression, luchadores are often heralded as prototypes of masculinity. In many ways lucha libre is performance art entrenched in masculinity, a spectacle that encapsulates the “machismo” visible in every strata of Mexican culture. In her work Lourdes disrupts conventional imagery surrounding luchadores by re-centering her subjects in domestic spaces far removed from the pageantry of the ring. Through casting a feminine gaze on an iconic part of Mexican heritage, Lourdes is able to explore the power dynamics and gender roles that are pervasive throughout Mexico

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