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Lotte Jacobi

Coming from a long line of photographers, German-born Lotte Jacobi (1896-1990) was known for her intimate, dramatic and often experimental portraits in the ‘New Vision’ style of the late 1920s and 30s. After fleeing Hitler’s Germany, she re-established herself as a portraitist in New York and moved into abstraction and landscape photography…
Gabby Kynoch
16th June 2019
Isle BingHHBLogHistorical HeroinesHPBlog

Ilse Bing

Ilse Bing (1899–1998) was a German-born inter-war photographer who worked in photojournalism and portraiture in Paris and New York. She worked in the modernist style and innovated using solarisation and night photography. Her work was featured in MoMA’s first survey exhibition of photography in 1937.
Gabby Kynoch
16th June 2019
Friedl Dicker-BrandeisHHBLogHistorical HeroinesHPBlog

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis

The Bauhaus-trained Austrian designer and artist who was killed in the Holocaust has recently become better known for her painting and art therapy than photography. But in the early 30’s she produced powerful anti-fascist photomontages in a Dadaist style.
Gabby Kynoch
19th May 2019