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Tell Me I’m Forgiven

Book signing and readings by Alison Child from her acclaimed biography Tell Me I'm Forgiven: The Story of Forgotten Stars Gwen Farrar and Norah Blane...

Black and white photograph. Zanele lies on a bed while holding a large circular mirror above themself, in which we can see their face.

La MEP: Zanele Muholi

La MEP are presenting the first French retrospective of acclaimed photographer Zanele Muholi's work celebrating the Black LGBTQIA+ community....

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Kashmir: The Chandelier

By Featured

Conceived as a decorative piece, this mushroom-shaped chandelier was made using over 3600 pages of legal correspondence between the courts, petitioners, and respondents in Kashmir. This piece draws parallels to the perfectly taxidermized busts and heads of kills that camouflages the violence underneath.

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