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Sitters of Dorothy Wilding

Dorothy Wilding would have many famous sitters throughout her career, from acclaimed theatre performers, movie stars, musicians, and royalty. All of whom have their own interesting and unique lives and careers. We want to delve into...

Head and shoulders portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, facing the viewer, her torso in left side profile. She wears a black taffeta evening dress with the South Africa Necklace that was a 21st birthday gift from the Government of the Union of South Africa. It was later shortened to fifteen large stones, as shown here, and the remaining diamonds made into a bracelet.

Dorothy Wilding – Gloucester Archive

Gloucester: On the first anniversary of the late Queen's death, we are launching the Dorothy Wilding Gloucester Archive with an installation that commemorates Dorothy's relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, curated by collector Sarah Grant....


PHOTOFAIRS New York, a new contemporary art fair dedicated to photo-based and digital artwork, runs from 8th – 10th September 2023....

Black and white photo of Helsinki in 1912. Wooden buildings stand in front of a larger expanse of buildings, constructed with bricks.

Signe Brander

Signe Brander (1869 - 1942) was a Swedish-Finnish photographer celebrated for documenting urban and cultural change in the city of Helsinki....

Black and white portrait photo of Nancy Newhall

Nancy Newhall

Nancy Wynne Newhall was an American photography writer and curator, and the co-founder of Aperture Magazine....

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Studio takeover by Crisfor

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Capricci (2007 – 2017) is a series of “hybrid spaces” created by double exposures in analogue photography from Austrian artist Crisfor. The installation comprises a screening of images, with an accompanying podcast, texts and prints; the book of the series is on display to browse.

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