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11 Photography Exhibitions Closing in August 2021

By 27th July 2021August 25th, 2021No Comments

We know how difficult it can be to organise your thoughts these past two years, let alone planning your weekend back out in the physical world. That’s why we’re updating you with a list of shows to see before they close. 

Exhibitions all feature at least one Heroine as we continue to celebrate women in photography. Crossing continents, the list includes photography exhibitions in New York to Copenhagen, Istanbul to London, getting you back to the culture you love.

Surface and Space: A Summer Show @ Frith Street Gallery, London

One of the leading women in photography, Tacita Dean is featured in a group show in London, England.

Surface and Space: A Summer Show features Massimo Bartolini, Anna Barriball, Tacita Dean, John Riddy and Juan Uslé, five gallery artists who draw upon the tradition of both landscape and abstraction to create pictures of meditative intensity. The photographs, works on paper and paintings in the exhibition often strike a balance between a legible image and an abstraction, conjuring a set of conversations between order and organic form. Frith Street Gallery

Read more | Closes August 7

A Question of Time @ Pera Museum, Istanbul

Contemporary photographer and master of fluro photography Farah Al Qasimi is featured in a kitsch group show in Istanbul, Turkey.

Taste may still be an indication of class today, but the structure of the mechanisms that feed and strengthen this signal has now become different. A Question of Taste brings together works of thirteen artists and collectives and focuses on the concept of taste as a class indicator; looks at the sense of aesthetics, and its values ascribed to the East and the West. Focusing on the rise of mass culture against high art, it aims to explore the rich uses of the concept of kitsch in dialogue with the artists, and based on the relationship between art and visual culture that has been shaped in the process of transition from material culture to digital culture. It questions the concept of taste, which reinforces the separation of classes within the societal structure, through both objects, and the visual language that has dominated the Internet since the early 90s. Pera Museum

Read more | Closes August 8

For Mama Adama @ Penumbra Foundation, New York

One of America’s leading black photographers Adama Delphine Fawundu has been featured in a solo show in New York, USA. Also check her other New York show closing this month.

The exhibition displays nearly thirty works made by Fawundu in the last several years, some of which she developed as a 2020 Penumbra Workspace artist-in-residence. 

In these works, Fawundu appropriates motifs found on her grandmother’s fabrics and transforms them into patterns of exploration. Experimenting with color, form, scale and surface and using textiles, papers and different photo-graphic processes, Fawundu examines the relationship between materiality and identity. Penumbra Foundation

Read more | Closes August 9

Moonshine @ Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam

Legendary photographer Bertien van Manen is featured in a solo show in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

While travelling to different parts of the globe, including America, China and the former Soviet Union, Bertien van Manen has documented the daily lives of her subjects from the late 1970s onwards. Van Manen immerses herself in the places and cultures she photographs, learning the language, living with the people whose lives she documents and forming lasting relationships. To blend into the scenery, Van Manen always works with a small, simple handheld camera. The resulting images display an intimacy and directness that imbue her photographs with humanity and honesty. Annet Gelink Gallery

Read more | Closes August 14

Tales of Manhattan @ Aton Kern Gallery, New York

Leading photographers Anne Collier and Sarah Jones are featured in a group show alongside the gallery’s artists in New York, USA.

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the gallery, we are excited to present a group exhibition celebrating the past, present, and future of Anton Kern Gallery with Tales of Manhattan, featuring:

Pawel Althamer • Nobuyoshi Araki • Alvaro Barrington • Margot Bergman • Ellen Berkenblit • John Bock • David Byrd • Brian Calvin • Anne Collier • Julie Curtiss • Nicole Eisenman • Frank Escalet • Martino Gamper • Ellen Gronemeyer • Bendix Harms • Eberhard Havekost • Lothar Hempel • Richard Hughes • Sarah Jones • Hein Koh • Edward Krasiński • Mike Kuchar • Jim Lambie • Marepe • Chris Martin • Enrique Metinides • Matthew Monahan • Aliza Nisenbaum • Marcel Odenbach • Nathalie Du Pasquier • Manfred Pernice • Alessandro Pessoli Aton Kern Gallery 

Read more | Closes August 20

Alternating Currents @ Fridman Gallery, New York

Adama Delphine Fawundu is featured in another New York exhibition alongside other emerging and mid-career artists.

Fridman Gallery is pleased to announce Alternating Currents, an exhibition of new works by 12 emerging and mid-career artists. The exhibition reveals a pursuit of a sense of connection to something larger — to history, to cultural heritage, to traditional notions of artmaking — and sometimes a desire to break from it. – Fridman Gallery

Read more | Closes August 20

MOR! (Mother!) @ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

A great line-up of women photographers; Cindy Sherman, Catherine Opie, Tracey Moffatt, Valie EXPORT, Rineke Dijkstra, Sophie Calle, Elina Brotherus and Annegret Soltau are featured in a group show in Humlebæk, Denmark.

Present or absent, supportive or dominant, warm or diabolical – everyone has a mother! And it is precisely the mother, illuminated through changing perceptions in art and cultural history, that is the focal point of this exhibition, shaped as a large, sensuous and richly unfolded narrative. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Read more | Closes August 29

Hall of Mirrors @ Maureen Paley Gallery, London

Another Sarah Jones photography exhibition is currently held in London, England.

The new work by Sarah Jones builds upon her distinct photographic language that dissolves the hazy glare of day into the weight of a photographic night, condensing a recognizable sense of location with the photographer’s studio. Her subjects and objects are chosen as much for their illusionary surfaces as for their metaphysical and metaphorical potential. The imagery in her latest work references Cocteau’s 1930 film Le Sang d’un Poète (The Blood of a Poet), the first film in his Orphic trilogy, in which the artist-protagonist enters a parallel dreamscape of hallucinogenic allegories hidden behind doors, screens and windows, or found in fluid mirrors. By merging three-dimensionality and transparency into the two-dimensional photograph, Jones’ work suggests a space for possibility that serves as both a memento mori and a way to re-animate a scene. Maureen Paley Gallery

Read more | Closes August 29

Claudia Andujar: The Yanomami Struggle @ Barbican, London

Claudia Andujar’s The Yanomami Struggle is a solo exhibition held at London’s famous Barbican

The Barbican presents Claudia Andujar: The Yanomami Struggle, a bold, mesmerising exhibition which highlights the outstanding photographic and humanitarian work of Brazilian artist and activist Claudia Andujar, whose dedication has aided in the protection of one of Brazil’s largest indigenous groups. Thyago Nogueira, Head of Contemporary Photography at the Instituto Moreira Salles in Brazil, is the curator of this extraordinary exhibition, which comprises over 200 photographs, an audio-visual installation, a film, and a series of drawings created by Yanomami artists.. Mariasanta Tedesco for Hundred Heroines

Read more | Closes August 29

Holding the Baby @ Museum of the Home, London

Woman photographer Polly Braden centres the single-parent families in her summer show at Museum of the Home.

Statistically, there are around 1.8 million single parent households in Britain, making up a quarter of the families with dependent children. And around 90 percent of single parents are women.

Featuring a series of portraits by Polly Braden, text by writers Claire-Louise Bennett and Sally Williams, Holding the Baby is about the resilience of single-parent households living in austere circumstances. The year-long project comprises of photographs and interviews aiming to shed a light on the experiences, challenges and strengths possessed by single parents Shyama Laxman for Hundred Heroines

Read more | Closes August 29

Unearthed: Photography’s Roots @ Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

Group exhibition featuring legendary photographers Anna Atkins (1799 – 1871), Cecilia Glaisher (1828 – 1892), Imogen Cunningham (1883 – 1976) and Lou Landauer (1897 – 1991) & contemporary photographers Joy GregorySarah Jones, Helen Sear and Sarah Moon.

As well as emblematising the diverse, intelligent beauty of the natural world, botanical imagery is a ripe analogy for the passage of time; as flora and fauna germinate, flourish, and wither, they mark the changing of the seasons, the passage of days into years. Amid the stagnation of lockdown, Unearthed: Photography’s Roots – a new exhibition from Dulwich Picture Gallery, London – provides an unconventional opportunity to refresh our connection with nature. – Katherine Riley for Hundred Heroines

Read more | Closes August 29