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Voyage of Discovery

The Human Landscape

By 18th January 2021March 5th, 2021No Comments
The Human Landscape

“Everyday, we depend on nature for our survival.” – Martha Ntoipo, Conservation International Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellow

Over one hundred years ago, Historical Heroine Anne Brigman (1869-1950) was highlighting the primordial kinship between women and the Earth; today, the detailed environmental knowledge and conservation efforts of the Maasai Women exemplify this relationship. Interconnectivity between humanity and nature is sensorial, political, and deeply transformative; while the following collection is heuristic, inviting the kinds of personal response which emerge from Helen Sear’s digital ‘Spirits…’ in our Cabinet of Remedies exhibition, these works cannot help but emphasise the moral imperative which underpins environmental protection. The campaign for climate justice is a campaign for equality in all its forms. As Margaret Atwood reminds us, our place within the natural environment does not simply demonstrate our values; it determines them.

By Katherine Riley

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  • KR 1 – Historical Heroine : Anne Brigman
  • KR 2 – Contemporary Heroine : Margaret Courtney-Clarke
  • KR 3 – Contemporary Heroine : Helen Sear
  • KR 4 – Article / Feature : Responses to Spirits of a Painted Forest © Helen Sear
  • KR 5 – Films : Martha Ntoipo, Empowering Maasai Women for Climate Action
  • KR 6 – Films : Margaret Atwood, On Fiction, the Future and the Environment

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Goal #13 Climate Action