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Paula Vellet

Paula Vellet

Blog posts and articles by Paula Vellet.

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Eugenie Goldstern

Eugenie Goldstern Eugenie Goldstern (1884-1942) Austrian ethnographic photographer and anthropologist Eugenie Goldstern was born into a large Jewish family in Odessa, but moved to Austria in 1905 where she began studying anthropology at the University of Vienna in 1910. She created the first ever monograph of a community when she spent a…
Becky Handley
13th November 2020
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Lillian Bassman

Lillian Bassman’s (1917-2012) fashion photography appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar from the 1940's to the 1960's. Her self-taught, experimental and dreamlike approach brought an elegance to fashion photography and elevated it to an art form.
Gabby Kynoch
15th September 2019