Heather Agyepong

Interview image: From the exhibition A Pciture of Health, Heather Agyepong is dressed in a white dress holding hands with someone behind the camera, the image is sepia toned.

Here. I. Am.

Hundred Heroines (virtually) sits down with mix-media artist Heather Agyepong to discuss her photographs, agency and mental health...

FORMAT21 Exhibition


FORMAT festival is back for another year featuring virtual galleries and talks from Heroines....

From the exhibition of A Picture of Health, a woman with big jazzy sunglasses is clunching a black and blue feather boa around her head, she's wearing large novelty rings.

A Picture of Health

A Picture of Health explores the roles of the hidden self, trauma, environment and care, within the wider narratives of health and wellbeing, with work by Anna Fox and Heather Agyepong....

Heather Agyepong

Heather Agyepong

Photographer Heather Agyepong reimagines historical and cultural figures to explore themes of mental health, invisibility, the diaspora and the archive....

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