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Photography & Textiles

Our new core display references the local textile history, situating it within a framework of contemporary art and photography. Photography Heroines, whose oeuvres explore photography and fibre arts include......

The Big Reveal

The unveiling of the Great Train Tapestry takes place today, 8th March 2024, at 14:30 at Gloucester Railway Station...

The Gloucestershire SCOBY

A unique, living and growing art installation by Hundred Heroines will weave Gloucestershire’s textile history with the story of its forgotten workers....

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Studio takeover by Crisfor

Capricci (2007 – 2017) is a series of “hybrid spaces” created by double exposures in analogue photography from Austrian artist Crisfor. The installation comprises a screening of images, with an accompanying podcast, texts and prints; the book of the series is on display to browse.
7th July 2023