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Voyage of Discovery

The Lens: A Peacemaking Tool

By 8th February 2021February 11th, 2021No Comments

This exhibition showcases the different heroinic practices of peacemaking and peacekeeping. Usually defined as freedom from civil disturbance, ‘peace’ appears to be a very simple term on the surface. However, this exhibition underlines how peace takes on different forms and meanings for different people. It underlines photography and filmmaking as visual manifestations of peacemaking. Each of the artists chosen for this exhibition define and promote peaceful societies in some way. Paying attention to the likes of Martha Rosler, Kiri Dalena and Caitlini Martino-Chico, it showcases perhaps the most obvious notion of peace as the antithesis of war and conflict. It also highlights peace as a form of harmony between different groups, looking at Heroines that seek peace for indigenous, black and refugee communities. However, it also pays attention to more nuanced interpretations of peace. Brittney Cathey Adams photographs her body to try and be at peace with her body image. Therefore, the exhibition encourages viewers to understand peace as a form of internal as well as external liberation.

By Venetia Jolly

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  • VJ 1 – Article : Martha Rosler
  • VJ 2 – Feature : Catalini Martin-Chico
  • VJ 3 – Interview/Film : Kiri Dalena
  • VJ 4 – Interview/Film : Rigoberta Menchu
  • VJ 5 – Podcast : Indre Seryptyte
  • VJ 6 – Films : Black Lives Matter Movement
  • VJ 7 – Feature : Brittney Cathey Adams

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Goal #16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions