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Voyage of Discovery


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The elemental energy that we seek to harness in clean energy production is evident in the striking landscape photography of Laura Gilpin (1891-1979) who captured the beauty of rock formations hewn over millennia by wind and water erosion. Loie Fuller’s whirling Dance Serpentine appears as the prescient embodiment of the wind turbines appearing on our hills. Sue Brown FRPS captures dynamic images of the sea which also provides a source of clean energy in the form of tidal power generation, while Ellen Carey’s experimental photograms are formed by pure solar energy. Yan Preston’s project Mother River explores the length of the great Yangtze River and the human interactions on her banks, including large scale hydroelectric development. Anyone in doubt of the urgency of the need for clean energy need look no further than the work of Rena Effendi (Pipe Dreams A chronicle of lives along the pipeline, 2009, and Chernobyl: Still Life in the Zone, 2010) and Jasilyn Charger (One Year at Standing Rock) who powerfully illustrate the impacts of human reliance on petrochemical and nuclear power.

By Demelza Kingston

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  • DK 1 – Historical Heroine : Laura Gilpin (1891-1979)
  • DK 2 – Contemporary Heroine : Rena Effendi
  • DK 3 – Contemporary Heroine : Sue Brown FRPS
  • DK 4 – Article / Feature : An Odyssey Along The Yangtze, a feature on Yan Preston’s Mother River project
  • DK 5 – Article / Feature : Struck by Light exhibition curated by Ellen Carey
  • DK 6 – Films : Jasilyn Charger, One Year at Standing Rock
  • DK 7 – Films : Loie Fuller, Dance Serpentine

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Goal #7 Affordable & Clean Energy