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Dorothy Wilding

Sitters of Dorothy Wilding

By Dorothy Sitters, Featured

Dorothy Wilding would have many famous sitters throughout her career, from acclaimed theatre performers, movie stars, musicians, and royalty. All of whom have their own interesting and unique lives and careers. We want to delve into these individuals their lives, careers, and connections drawing on Dorothy’s wide range of assorted sitters she captured throughout her life.

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Photograph of HM Queen Elizabeth II, on the occasion of her Accession: a three-quarter length portrait, her face turned to her right. She wears the Diamond Diadem, the Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace, the star of the Order of the Garter on a sash, over a satin evening dress, designed by Norman Hartnell. The Queen is also wearing a diamond and platinum bracelet that was given as a wedding present by Prince Philip. This was designed by Philip Antrobus, using stones taken a from a tiara that had belonged to Prince Philip's mother Princess Andrew of Greece. She is also holding a fan in her left hand. A vase of flowers in background to left.

Dorothy & Friends

By event, Museum Events Archive

Join Del Barrett, chair and founder of Hundred Heroines, to hear the extraordinary story of Dorothy Wilding, a truly remarkable figure in the history of photography and be transported back to the glamour and gossip of London’s Roaring Twenties and Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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