K+C Festival

The Food Cycle is our summer initiative for the Kensington and Chelsea Festival. It illuminates different aspects of food through a public display of photographic art (There is Still Life) and an accompanying menu of learning resources and activities.

Collaborating with critically acclaimed local artist, Tessa Traeger, and work-placement photography students, Hundred Heroines presents a succession of large-scale images around Kensington and Chelsea, placing this innovative work at the heart of the borough. The art is displayed on digital advertising boards on telephone boxes (locations here).

Additionally, Tessa’s work is shown in a virtual, interactive exhibition.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be adding new resources and activities. Stay tuned  …

Visit our Tessa Traeger Gallery

Click here to visit the online Gallery
Lemon Food Photography The Food Cycle

There's Still Life

This year, we invited nine photography students from the University of Westminster to join us for their work placement internships.



Pomegranate Monologues

Get creative ....respond to art through storytelling.

Create Your Own Sustainable Bag

Got some old jeans and a blouse? Make your own sustainable shopping bag!

Hundred Heroines Food Photography Competition

Ever wanted to change your perception of a certain fruit or vegetable?

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