There's Still Life

This year, we invited nine photography students from the University of Westminster to join us for their work placement internships.

Part of their experience included producing a body of photographic work related to fruits and vegetables – something we could show as part of KCAW. You can see their images on phone-boxes around the Kensington and Chelsea borough over the next few weeks. If you can’t get to London, we invite you to scroll through a selection of their work below.

Feeling creative?

Have a look at the resources that were inspired by the students’ work and have a go at creating something yourself.

Still Life

Ameesha Jeyam

Location :

Ameesha Jeyam is a London based photographer currently studying Photography at the University of Westminster. She specialises in documentary and portrait photography presenting various perceptions of identity. This includes her familial backgrounds and cultures in addition to individuality within portraiture and her subjects. Her approach seeks to offer artwork that delves deeply into personal narratives, both her subjects as well as her own. Primarily using digital photography, Ameesha visually projects intimate and personal anecdotes of the beauty and darkness of every being.

Instagram : ameeshajeyam

Image © Ameesha Jeyam

Still Life

Charlotte Harrop

Location :

Charlotte Harrop is currently studying BA Photography at The University of Westminster in London and specialises mainly in documentary photography. However in this shoot, she wanted to broaden her horizons and delve into the world of still life. The idea behind this shoot is to capture fruits in their most natural and raw selves, and  to demonstrate the organic beauty of what grows on our beloved planet  – the objects that are simultaneously beautiful and delicious.

Instagram : charlotteharropp

Image © Charlotte Harrop

Denay Long

Location :

Denay Long is a London based Photographer who is currently studying BA Photography at the University of Westminster. She enjoys experimenting across all fields of the photography industry, gaining lots of knowledge and experience whilst doing so. In this shoot, she experiments with different ways of making fruits look beautiful, along with showing how creatively fruits can be photographed.

Instagram : den4y_photogr4phy

Image © Denay Long

Still Life

Ellie McDonogh

Location :

Ellie Mcdonogh is a London based photographer currently studying BA Photography at the University of Westminster. She specialises in documentary and portrait photography, often developing autobiographical projects, she explores themes of body image, everyday life, and femininity. Ellie uses both digital and analogue photography to visualise human stories, finding new ways of documenting the beauty in everyday life. Within her practise she aims to create work that intimately uncovers personal stories both herself and her subjects.

Instagram : ellie_mcdonogh

Image © Ellie McDonogh

Lemon Food Photography The Food Cycle

Emanuela Vasilevska

Location :

The Latvian artist, Emanuela Vasilevska, is currently studying BA Photography at University of Westminster. Emanuela deeply enjoys fashion and portrait photography, using the camera as a tool that allows her to express herself, and as means to communicate and address deeper issues within society.

Instagram :

Image © Emanuela Vasilevska

Hedi Neijenhuis

Location :

This image highlights the plastic waste created by the fruit and vegetable industry. Too often do we see fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging when they already have their own natural barrier from outside elements, making the plastic packing unnecessary. The bag is made from the orange peels, and the oranges are wrapped in plastic.

Website :
Instagram : hedineijenhuis

Image © Hedi Neijenhuis

Katarína Čačíková

Location :

Katarína Čačíková is a Slovak born and London based portrait photographer that currently studies BA Photography at University of Westminster. Her work visualises topics of emotionality, sexuality, spirituality and body awareness. She uses photography to connect with her subjects as well as the audience.

The series Rovnováha explores the links between nature and society and finding balance within it.

Portfolio :
Instagram : avantgardna

Image © Katarína Čačíková

Martyna Brzana

Location :

Martyna Brzana is a Polish born photographer based in London. She is currently studying BA Photography at the University of Westminster while continuing to explore her photographic practice. Her work ranges from still-life to portraiture and uses both analogue and digital cameras.

About the Images
This series of images focuses on new ways of looking at fruit and veg while highlighting their distinctive features. It aims to experiment with different styles of photography without overshadowing the key elements of the compositions.

Website :
Instagram : martyna_brzana

Image © Martyna Brzana

Satu Lehtinen

Location :

Satu Lehtinen is a London-based artist from Finland. She is currently enrolled at the University of Westminster, where she is BA Photography student. Most of her work explores what it is like to be mentally and chronically ill, and the frustrations of going from abled to disabled. However, in this project she explores the act of consumption through multiple exposure photography. The layering of images of the fruit in different stages of disintegration creates a single image of an abstract object that is not quite whole, yet not quite destroyed either.

Website : swlht
Instagram : stwlht

Image © Satu Lehtinen

Tessa Traeger’s Homage to Monet can be found at 59 Sloane Ave., Kensington & Chelsea, SW3 3DH

You can see their images on phone boxes around the Kensington and Chelsea borough between now and 15th July.

  • 55-57 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington & Chelsea W11 3JS
  • 6 St Ann’s Rd., Kensington & Chelsea W11 4SS
  • 86 Bramley Rd, Kensington W10 6UG
  • 101 Fulham Rd., Kensington & Chelsea SW3 6RH
  • 429 Kings Rd., Kensington & Chelsea SW10 0LR
  • 2 phone boxes 270 Old Brompton Rd., Sth Kensington SW5 9HR
  • 158a Cromwell Rd., Kensington & Chelsea SW7 4EJ
  • 35 Cromwell Rd., Kensington & Chelsea SW7 2DG
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