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War Photographer

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Margaret Gross Michaelis-Sachs

Margarethe (Margaret) Gross was born in 1902 into a Jewish family in Dzieditz, near Cracow, in what was then Austria (now Poland). Her liberal upbringing led her to studying photography at the Institute of Graphic Arts and Research in Vienna, followed by apprenticeships in some of the leading Viennese studios of the…
15th December 2022
Historical Heroines

Catherine Leroy

French photojournalist Catherine Leroy (1944-2006) continued the work of fellow female war photographer Dickey Chapelle in documenting the Vietnam War and went on to cover the Fall of Saigon, the Troubles and the Middle East wars. She was the first woman to win the Robert Capra and George Polk awards for courage…
7th August 2018