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New Photo Festival for Gloucester – 26th-29th August 2022

The Eastgate Centre & Other Venues

At the end of August, Hundred Heroines & Friends will be hosting a long weekend of photography exhibitions, artist talks and screenings, along with an exciting programme of empowerment and creativity.  International stars will be zooming into Gloucester (literally and virtually), to join us for debates, discussions and a lively weekend of all things women in photography.

Festival Central and the main exhibitions will be on the top floor of the The Eastgate Centre with further events in other venues around the city, including Jolt Studios.


We’ll be adding more events over the next few days, keep an eye on this page for updates!

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Become a Festival VIP

Now’s your chance to support Gloucester’s first ever photo festival! Become a PhoGlo Festival VIP in 2022 and show your city some love....

Exhibition: Paola Paredes

Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August at The Eastgate, join us to unpeel Skin Deep - an interactive photographic experience presenting eight stories that represent the diverse sexualities and gender identities of the queer community...

Exhibition: Anita Khemka

Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August at The Eastgate. From Anita's ongoing photographic documentary series of Laxmi, one of India's leading third gender (hijra) and transgender rights activist...

In Conversation: Meryl Meisler

Friday 26th August at 18:00 steaming live in the Glo Lounge. The sassy New Yorker joins us to talk about her quirky vision that created so many iconic images of the city in the 1970s...

In Conversation: Ellen Carey & Friends

Saturday 27th August at 13:30 streaming live in the Glo Lounge. Claire Raymond (scholar and author) and John Reuter (owner of 20x24 Studio) join Ellen to talk about her renowned experimental photography....

In Conversation: Kourtney Roy

Saturday 27th August at 16:00 streaming live in the Glo Lounge. Join Kourtney Roy discussing her new book that raises awareness of the alarming number of women who have gone missing along Canada's "Highway of Tears"....

Screening: Karen Knorr

Daily, Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August in the Glo Lounge. Questions (After Brecht), depicting the refurbishment of La Samaritaine, will be screened daily throughout the festival....

Homai Vyarawalla | Dalda 13

Screening: Dalda 13

Daily, Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August in the Glo Lounge. Monika Baker's documentary about the legendary Indian photographer....

Screening: Lisl Ponger

Daily, Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August in the Glo Lounge. The effects of the colonial project and its relevance today told through first day covers...

Silent Protest

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This is women and photography.
This is our silent protest.

We’re looking for volunteers

before, during and after the festival

We’re looking for volunteers to help install the shows, to act as guides during the festival and to help out with general admin.  If you can spare a few hours let us know.  In particular, we’re looking for the following:

  • AV/Tech people to make sure that’s all running smoothly
  • Decorator to make our exhibition spaces gorgeous
  • Social Media support to post throughout the festival (on site and remote)
  • Help on the Merch Desk
  • Guide festival goers

We’ll provide full training and support. Each volunteer gets a HH t-shirt and our undying gratitude!

Email with your contact details and we’ll be in touch, thank you!