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In ConversationPhoGloPhoGlo 2022Sunday 28th AugustThe Eastgate

In Conversation: Marcia Michael

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Before Memory Returns © Marcia Michael

When One Book Changes your World – Marcia Michael

Join us in the Glo Lounge to find out how The Erotic Arts by Peter Webb changed Marcia’s world

As a student at Islington Sixth Form Centre, studying for her GCSE in Art Photography, Marcia’s teacher gave her a copy of The Erotic Arts by Peter Webb.  One of her first insights into art, this book was to set Marcia on a path that changed her life. Marcia will be joining us in person in The Glo Lounge to talk about her work, and how this book shaped her practice.

Marcia has kindly donated her copy to the Heroines Collection and it will be available for browsing on the day.

“It shaped me immensely, but also the teacher who taught me how to use a camera was the one who gave it to me.”

About Marcia

Marcia Michael (b. 1973) is a visual artist based in London. She is particularly recognised for exploring the implications of the traditional family photo album through her work; highlighting the absence of Black photographers and Black families in British archives, she re-creates archetypal ‘album’ aesthetics to open opportunities for alternative representation.

Sunday 28th August 12:00

Location: The Glo Lounge, The Eastgate, 1st Floor, The Eastgate Shopping Centre, 22 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1PA