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Voyage of Discovery

Gender Equality

By 7th February 2021March 5th, 2021No Comments

Feminism’s aim is equality for all. However, this message often gets skewed, as white women are typically the face of feminism. While no one’s voice should me omitted from feminist discourse, I believe there should be more representation for the underrepresented. Only by giving women everywhere more visibility can we work towards true equality. This virtual exhibition demonstrates a diverse and eclectic collection of different women from across the world and their struggles. The photographs these women have captured and the stories they tell allow us to expand our understanding of feminism and ensure that the most marginalised voices in society are amplified. These works demonstrate the strength, resilience, and compassion of these incredibly inspiring women, captured throughout space and time.

By Beatrice Zanca

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  • BZ 1 – Historical Heroine : Jane Louise Van Der Zee Toussaint
  • BZ 2 – Contemporary Heroine : Poulomi Desai
  • BZ 3 – Contemporary Heroine : Tshepiso Mazibuko
  • BZ 4 – Article / Feature : When their Country is at War
  • BZ 5 – Films : Struggling to Safety
  • BZ 6 – Films : Enough Is Enough

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Goal #5 Gender Equality