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Marcia Michael The Erotic Arts

By 14th January 2022April 14th, 2023No Comments

Marcia Michael

The Erotic Arts

One of her first insights into art, The Erotic Arts by Peter Webb was the book that was to set Marcia on a path that changed her life.

“It is a rather special book for me as it was given to me by my GCSE in Art-Photography teacher, who has now sadly passed, whilst at was at Islington Sixth form centre when I was 17. In my very early exposure to photography, I photographed a friend nude. These images were very striking and allowed me and him to see that I had something that warranted to be fostered.

I can’t remember the conversation around the book, but obviously, my interest was in the body and the erotic nature of the body, so this book did provide me with an understanding of art, which prior to this, I had no interest in.

Yes, I went to museums with junior school on outings, but I was never taken to museums or galleries by my parents and I don’t remember when I first went to a gallery, I think this book was one of my first insights into art.

It shaped me immensely, but also the teacher who taught me how to use a camera was the one who gave it to me. It means everything and my appreciation for images that contain an erotic nature, as a form of please, continues to be expressed in my work.”