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Lisl Ponger

16th DecemberAdvent Calendar 2020

16th December

The Surprising Benefits of Having Art in Your Space Whether you’re working from home or just feeling trapped indoors, it’s hard to feel inspired and uplifted by the same surroundings day after day. If you’re feeling down in the dumps it might be a good idea to bring some art into your…
Del Barrett
16th December 2020
I Am Unbeatable Film FestivalAnti-Violence ProjectsFilm Festival


Week 34, I am Unbeatable, This programme is about violence against women – violence against minority groups, domestic violence, human trafficking, child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and femicide. The problem knows no geographical borders, race or class boundaries, it is embedded in the power structure and inequalities of patriarchal society.
26th November 2020
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Don Durito and the Master Narrative

‘The calendar is made up of the past, for those at the top. So that it will stay that way, the powerful fill it up with statues, holidays, museums, homages, parades. That all serves the purpose of keeping the past in place; where things have already happened and not where they will…
16th June 2020