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Advent Calendar 2020

16th December

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The Surprising Benefits of Having Art in Your Space

Whether you’re working from home or just feeling trapped indoors, it’s hard to feel inspired and uplifted by the same surroundings day after day. If you’re feeling down in the dumps it might be a good idea to bring some art into your space! Art has been scientifically proven to benefit our health and wellbeing as well as improve our quality of life! Here are 4 ways it’ll help you to feel re-energized…

Wake up your brain:  It’s been shown that looking at art increases blood flow to our brains and gets things moving. Not only that, our brains are also wired to recognize familiar patterns, and this is especially true when we are viewing at art. It sends our brains wild! Skip your morning coffee and wake up by looking at some artwork!

Decreases stress:  Experiencing and creating art has been proven to decrease stress, calming the mind, and allowing us to take a breather. The meditative effects are also a large reason art is used to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Improves Mood:  Looking at something we find beautiful, like an artwork we love, has been shown to trigger the same response as falling in love! Our brains will release dopamine which deposits that warm happy feeling we all can’t get enough of.

Improves Productivity:  Offices with more art in them have increased productivity, this is also true for hospitals and universities! Because art gets your brain moving, it gets you engaged to work, take those firing neurons, and use them to get your work done faster!

It’s time to get reinvigorated! But what if you can’t afford to buy new art?  We have just the answer! Postcards from the Cabinet of Remedies – a curation from Hundred Heroines designed to pause, reflect and relax.

By Alice Jones, Volunteer.

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Featured from top, clockwise:  Vanessa Winship, Ellen Carey, Kourtney Roy, Lisl Ponger, Trish Morrissey, Jenevieve Aken, Helen Sear,