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Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Many women photographers revolutionised and even pivoted fashion photography during their careers. From introducing colour photography in fashion magazines to creating a whole style of a decade. Discover more influential women photographers.

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One of the premier fashion and portrait photographers of the 20s and 30s in Germany, ‘Yva’ produced elegant fashion portraits, photomontages and advertising work in Berlin from 1925 until the Nazi’s closed her studio. She was killed in the Majdanek concentration camp in 1944.
Gabby Kynoch
9th June 2021
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Eve Arnold

Photographer who rebelled against the homogeneous narrative with which women were typically represented in the public eye.
Del Barrett
16th November 2020
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Lillian Bassman

Lillian Bassman’s (1917-2012) fashion photography appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar from the 1940's to the 1960's. Her self-taught, experimental and dreamlike approach brought an elegance to fashion photography and elevated it to an art form.
Gabby Kynoch
15th September 2019