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Lesson Focus and Goals:

  • To discuss what it might feel like traveling to a new planet 
  • To discuss what it might feel like meeting aliens 
  • To create a story and perform for the class

Materials Needed:

  • Sunrise Lamp 
  • Cut-out shadow puppets 
  • Other objects to use as puppets

Learning Objectives:

To discuss, understand and perform what it might feel like leaving a home & coming to a new land to live.

Structure / Activity:

  • Class discussion about how they would feel leaving Earth to move to Mars – what emotions come up? What would they say to aliens? What do they think the aliens would say to them?
  • Divide into small groups and create a short story. Try to create THREE interesting scenes to perform with shadow puppets
  • Cut out the shadow puppets or design your own and attach to lollipop sticks. For extra props – look around the class room to see if anything else could be used to cast interesting shadows.
  • Rehearse the story within the small groups and get ready to perform!
  • Have one person as the narrater and the other students display the story by casting shadows onto the walls
  • As an extra activity – encourage the audience to say what they liked about they story they have just seen and how it makes them feel


This task is to inspire creativity and story-telling. It is also designed to generate conversation around immigration and empathy.
Students should work in collaborative groups to create exciting stories while encouraging good presentation skills.