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Sibylle Bergemann

By 27th January 2021December 17th, 2021No Comments

Self-Portrait © Sibylle Bergemann/OSTKREUZ

Setting up of the Friedrich-Engels-Sculpture at Marx-Engels-Monument, Berlin-Mitte, February 1986, GDR, Germany, Europe, from the series: “The Monument”, Sibylle Bergemann © Sibylle Bergemann/OSTKREUZ

Marx-Engels-Monument (for the center of Berlin) outside the studio of the sculptor Ludwig Engelhardt, May 1984, Gummlin, Usedom, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, GDR, Germany, Europe, from the series: “The Monument”, Sibylle Bergemann © Sibylle Bergemann/OSTKREUZ

Sibylle Bergemann

Lily and John, Margaretenhof, Brandenburg, Germany, Sibylle Bergemann © Sibylle Bergemann/OSTKREUZ

All images curtesy of OSTKREUZ & the Estate Sibylle Bergemann

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