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Film Trailer

Upside Down World

By 12th November 2020No Comments

For this week’s Film Festival, curator Lisl Ponger has gathered images suited for the environment we all now navigate: Upside Down World.

From washing our hands constantly to wearing masks, the other Covid measure that has us all shifting, dancing and leaping through the air is social distancing. This week’s film festival trailer comes from the denim brand G-Star Raw and the Dutch National Ballet.

We see the classic indigo denim stitched together in a grand but rigid tutu, designed to keep others at a distance. From dancing through the streets and avoiding contact, the ballet company has managed to turn the anti-social measures into a communicative display of boundaries.

Portuguese singer Mariza sings about a lover who left, the drum beat feels like a warning to stay back. Watching the dancers circle each other in caution, the performance is actually a reassurance, a stern but subtle message that we can remain together if each other is understood. Even in a time before Covid, what healthy relationship doesn’t demonstrate boundaries?

Tune in tonight 18:00 BST