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Film Trailer

All is Full of Love

By 5th November 2020No Comments

For this week’s Hundred Heroine’s film festival, curator Lisl Ponger has gone behind the matrix to bring Ms. Robot.

By selecting clips such as music videos with female singers as automatons and short films exploring the slave-like associations with androids, we’re addressing the uncomfortable parallels between subservient robots and “female” characteristics.

This week’s film trailer takes you back to 1999, where we find a robotic Björk being built and becoming romantically entangled with another Björk-bot.

Created in collaboration with Björk and British video artist Chris Cunningham, the critically acclaimed video has been credited with being miles ahead of its time in respect to animation and has also been regarded by the art scene, having been shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The pair decided the lyrics needed a sexual undertone but they also needed it to be “broadcastable”, settling on two female robots engaged in a heavy make-out session. However, the result is an intensely intimate video with deep human emotions.

At 6pm GMT, the rest of Ms. Robot film festival will be uploaded to the site for your viewing pleasure but remember as we venture further into the future, with a robot in your back pocket, how will the fair female robots treat us…all is full of love? Or are we looking at electric-wave feminism?

Tune in tonight 18:00 BST