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Catherine Opie’s Landscape Photography comes to Vermont, USA

By 2nd March 2022No Comments

Catherine Opie features in solo exhibition The Current, Vermont, USA on view until April 9, 2022

One of the leading women in photography, Catherine Opie focuses much of her practice on climate change. 

Curated by Rachel Moore, The Current (Vermont, U.S.) has recently opened a new solo exhibition showcasing Catherine’s exploration of rural and urban landscapes in the United States.

Within the gallery, eleven large scale photographs document swamps, national parks, and other iconic locations in absorbing detail. The images resonate with a sense of reverential tranquillity, forming a ‘quiet plea for environmental preservation.’ 

According to The Current, the series ‘investigate[s] the parallels between natural and political landscapes, and their connections to identity and community.’ The images evoke – in addition to the dangers of climate change – ‘the precarious state of [the U.S.], as calls to “drain the swamp” erode fundamental structures of democracy.’

For more information, please visit The Current website.

By Katherine Riley

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