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Mapping the Landscapes – Online Photography Talk

By 17th November 2021April 27th, 2023No Comments

With Dr Yan Wang Preston

Join photographer Dr Yan Wang Preston for a talk on ‘mapping’ as method in photography

Maps. They orient us and our lives, with their so-called objectivity and accuracy. But are they?

From the world to a graphic representation, a translation takes place in the becoming of maps, and photographs. What does photographic mapping look like? Do we only need the camera? The machine eye or the human eye? The eye, the heart, or the body?

In this talk ‘Mapping the Landscapes’, Dr Yan Wang Preston will share with you her work with ‘mapping’ as a key method, this includes photographing the entire 6,211km Yangtze River at 100km intervals, following the journeys of old trees for 7 years, or visiting the same rhododendron tree 182 times a year.

Surprisingly, the results often challenge established stories told by conventional maps.

Join the mapping, and go discovering.


This talk is part of the Hundred Heroines project, Glostorama!, in which participants are photographing every street in Gloucester.

It’s open to the general public and will be fascinating for anyone interested in photographing regions.

Dr Yan Wang Preston will share her approach to mapping from three of her projects: Mother River, Forest and her current project, With Love. From an Invader.

All three projects use mapping in different ways. Sign up and gain insights from a remarkable photographer.

Online, Tuesday 30th November at 5pm GMT