Zelda Cheatle

After several years working as a photographer, Zelda Cheatle joined The Photographers’ Gallery (1981-1988) before opening her eponymous gallery (1989-2005). Zelda Cheatle Gallery showed important work; many international, European and British photographers / artists including Helen Chadwick, Eve Arnold, Joy Gregory, a century of Russian photography including Rodchenko and Popova, Imogen Cunningham, Sarah Moon, Manuel Alverez Bravo, Lee Miller, James van der Zee, Robert Frank, Abbas Kiarostami and Mari Mahr. ZCG consistently showed young and emerging artists, whilst acknowledging the importance of the history of photography and exhibiting iconic work from across the 20th century. Zelda Cheatle press published exhibition catalogues, and many monographs by photographers.

2005 -2012 Zelda Cheatle began the Photography Fund, establishing and making a significant collection of 20th century photography, for the first photography fund, including Eve Arnold’s vintage archive, iconic works from Sudek to Vhetumas, subsequently enhancing the collection through publication and museum loans.  2012-present curating, editing, lecturing and consulting including exhibition ‘Squaring the Circles, Neo Pictorialism in the 21st Century’ and accompanying catalogue, with RPS and book ‘The Photograph that Changed my Life’.

Website: zeldacheatle.com

Image credit: Awoiska van der Molen