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Heroinic Stories

Jane Hilton LionHeroinic Stories

Jane Hilton

‘The Last Lion Tamers’ – Feature Documentary Film. I have always been fascinated by subjects that are legal but not socially acceptable, and stories that challenge our perceptions.
10th December 2019
Julia Horbaschk2019 EventsHeroinic Stories

Julia Horbaschk

It was a great honour to host the first public screening of Julia Horbaschk’s film Death by Supernova, and if you weren’t able to attend, you can now view the film here. Three writers responded to the film and their responses are shown below.
Del Barrett
15th July 2019
Silver LiningsHeroinic Stories

Yasmin Balai

Silver Linings is an ongoing long term project that follows a group of homeless people, inhabiting underground central heating systems in the centre of Romania's capital, Bucharest. Life on the streets can be a very traumatising and an isolating experience, where forced prostitution, drug or sexual abuse and other forms of violence…
11th December 2018
Descent into ChaosHeroinic Stories

Descent into Chaos

“I guess that photographing my own country’s decay put me in a position where I wasn’t able to take too much distance from the things and people I photographed. I often feel like by photographing them, their pain and struggle, I’m photographing a part of myself.”
Graeme Bell
10th December 2018
Mothers of patienceHeroinic Stories

Mothers of Patience

The Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century. This series recounts the grief of the mothers of missing soldiers who live in hope of finally seeing their sons again—or at least holding a body to bury.
Del Barrett
8th December 2018
Amanda PicotteHeroinic Stories

Amanda Picotte

“For the first time in modern history, survivors are being given space to come forward publicly with their stories and foster discussion on how to end rape culture. In the absence of this space, people often have had to heal in silence, privately processing the trauma they’ve endured.”
Graeme Bell
8th December 2018