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Graeme Bell

Just Beyond the RiverHeroinic Stories

Daesha Devón Harris

Daesha Devón Harris is a Saratoga Springs, NY native, artist and photographer who plays an active role in her community as a youth advocate, social activist and cultural history preservationist.
Graeme Bell
12th May 2020

Upcoming Day of Talks at the HIVE

Upcoming Day of Talks at the HIVE On Sunday October 6th, the Blackpool show officially closes. To celebrate the success of it, please join us for a day of talks on Friday October 4th. When: Friday October 4th 4pm - 5pm: Peggy Anne will be speaking about her project 'Dual Dreams', looking…
Graeme Bell
1st October 2019

When the Blackbird Sings: Jannica Honey

When the Blackbird Sings: Jannica Honey   Jannica Honey is a Swedish-born photographer who moved to Edinburgh, Scotland after completing a BA in Anthropology and Criminology at Stockholm University in 1998. She has worked with high profile musicians, politicans and has contributed to prominent publications, won awards and also writes photo-essays. Her…
Graeme Bell
21st September 2019
Descent into ChaosHeroinic Stories

Descent into Chaos

“I guess that photographing my own country’s decay put me in a position where I wasn’t able to take too much distance from the things and people I photographed. I often feel like by photographing them, their pain and struggle, I’m photographing a part of myself.”
Graeme Bell
10th December 2018
Amanda PicotteHeroinic Stories

Amanda Picotte

“For the first time in modern history, survivors are being given space to come forward publicly with their stories and foster discussion on how to end rape culture. In the absence of this space, people often have had to heal in silence, privately processing the trauma they’ve endured.”
Graeme Bell
8th December 2018
Too Tired Project by Tara WrayHeroinic Stories

Tara Wray

My work is rooted in documentary surrealism. I'm drawn to intense natural light, small details, and use colour to evoke mood, atmosphere, and emotion. I'm compelled to document the mundane and absurd aspects of life, and animals, especially dogs.
Graeme Bell
26th November 2018
Too Many ManHeroinic Stories

Ellie Ramsden

Grime began as a makeshift music style, blending the eclectic sounds of London's Afro-Caribbean community. Borne out of an amalgamation of various music genres, from reggae, dancehall, bashment, ragga and dub, to garage and drum and bass, grime has made its way from humble beginnings to a global phenomenon over the past…
Graeme Bell
22nd November 2018
First WomenHeroinic Stories

First Women

Anita Corbin has produced a collection of 100 portraits for her ‘First Women’ project. Capturing women in the UK who were the ‘first’ in their field of achievement and documenting this new generation of women who are changing the world of equality.
Graeme Bell
25th September 2018