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A new art collective for a world in flux

By 16th September 2021No Comments

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Bosla Art launches their first zine featuring artists who use their work to subvert and confront oppression

In recent decades, collective movements across the world have challenged corruption and highlighted injustice.

Inevitably, artists have contributed to these movements in vital ways; creatively expressing themselves and their politics, these artists have increased global awareness of socio-political unrest in countries across the world.

In the wake of this heightened understanding, many governments, militaries, and other forces have attempted to suppress such artwork.

To confront this oppression, numerous organisations – Bosla Arts among them – have joined these artists in solidarity against censorship, exclusion, persecution and imprisonment.

A collective of art practitioners and activists, Bosla Arts exists to support artists who are facing persecution and imprisonment for their work.

While ensuring these artists can continue making art, Bosla Arts share their stories to disseminate knowledge of the socio-political situation in different parts of the world.

Led by a team of researchers and artists including Georgia Beeston, Hossam Fazulla, and Contemporary Heroine Laura El-Tantawy – one of the leading women in photography and a critically acclaimed documentary photographer – Bosla Arts focus primarily on raising awareness within the UK.

The name Bosla comes from the Arabic word for ‘compass’; the eight points of the compass, which Bosla Arts use as a symbol of their work, conveys the global nature of their cause.

Bosla Arts is in the process of releasing their first zine, In Defiance, which will feature eight artists ‘who are using their work to subvert and confront oppression.’

According to Bosla Arts, ‘the zine is an urgent reaction to the current global situation, responding to parts of the world that are in crisis or flux today.’

Currently, the collective is raising money to launch the zine via a crowdfunding campaign. The eight featured artists, who hail from Argentina, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Palestine, and Syria, will each be given five pages to curate and design in whatever ways they choose, with assistance from the Bosla Arts team.

Money raised will go towards artist fees, print and distribution costs, and advertising fees.

The opportunity to contribute to the campaign is open until 6th October; for more information, please see the Bosla Arts website or click here to make a donation.

By Katherine Riley